About Us

Kirkland Sales Inc. - Since its beginning Kirkland Sales Inc. has been an innovator in the use of fabricated foam for packaging and industrial applications. As our customer’s needs have changed over the years so has our product line and capabilities. Kirkland Sales is now able to offer our customers numerous foam and gasket materials as well as various manufacturing capabilities. If you have a need for protective packaging, foam cushioning or padding, foam letters or architectural shapes, foam insulation board, case inserts, filtration foam, gasket materials, or various other foam requirements, our experienced staff is here to help you.

Office Location - We are conveniently located in Garland, TX at the corner of Shiloh Rd and Miller. Our facilities include 6000 square feet of office space and over 40,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space.

Employees - The Kirkland Sales staff is among the best in the business. Our office staff has a combined total of hundreds of years of experience in the foam industry.

Commitment to the Industry - Kirkland Sales’s commitment to our customers assures them with the knowledge they are dealing with a company who specializes in the foam fabrication industry. Our raw material inventories and consistent flow of incoming materials enable our company to respond to our customers’ needs.

Over 40,000 sq ft of manufacturing space
Garland, Tx manufacturing facility